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Back Country Adventures

Thinking of getting out hunting or an overnight back country camp out?
An ideal Xmas present for that new hunter or those keen to learn more.
Ideally suited for the single person or a couple.
A back country adventure can be arranged for you giving you tuition on a range of topics whether hunting or camping. We can supply all the camping gear, from tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats, cooking gear and food. Really you just need to show up with your cloths/boots and toothbrush.
I get many inexperienced hunters and trampers that come out with me to learn skills that will increase their knowledge and success rate especially for those new hunters. The fact is most inexperienced backcountry users just need some skills/training and confidence.
I have been a hunter all my life and spent a huge percent of my time in the backcountry either hunting or tramping. A professional hunting guide (NZPHGA), A NZDA HUNTS instructors and assessor for over twenty years. Also ex SAR team leader and MSC instructor in bushcraft, Firearms instructor and firearms assessor.
Whether setting up a camp, looking at equipment/gear, from selection of footwear, waterproof jackets, packs, food selection for travel, tent selection or sleeping bag choice. Simple tips to help you.
Heading into the Back country, learn about maps and how to use them, the area you are heading into, use of the terrain to get into and out of safely. How to use off the trail ridges to explore areas that few get into.
If you're a new hunter, come out with me, I'll help you find game, learn field butchery, river safety, firearms selection/safety/maintenance. I can teach you simple things that will help you to become more successful. Hunting techniques, like using your binoculars and stalking in to get that shot.
An overnight trip out is an excellent gift for that new hunter or backcountry adventurer that will teach them a huge range of skills and increase their confidence.
A day hunt or backcountry hike is priced at $500pp ($450 for three or more, max 4 per trip). An overnight trip at $650pp and includes BBQ dinner and all gear if needed. ($550 for three or more, max 4 per trip). Based on free range hunting.
If you're a hunter and we shoot and animal, you get all the meat. For more information get in touch, contact details are below.
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Get started HERE or give me a call on 020 4144 9272