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Firearm accessories ?

So let's just say you've brought yourself a rifle. There are a few things you might want to consider also buying and or attaching.

Probably one thing I would recommend is getting a suppressor for your new rifle.  It will need to be specific for your rifle caliber and your rifle will either come threaded for a suppressor or you will need to get it threaded for the type of suppressor you have purchased. The idea behind a suppressor is that it will reduce felt recoil which in turn can make your firearm nicer to shoot and if you like shooting your firearm you will probably shoot it more accurately.

A suppressor will also reduce a certain amount of noise or 'Bang', from a very loud crack to a more deeper 'thud' this can work in your favor when shooting at an animal in that if you miss, because of the reduced noise the animal can simply not understand where the shot came from or even if it was a shot allowing you another chance. A suppressor can make a huge difference in noise and can allow you to shoot your firearm without hearing protection.

My hunting rifle with suppressor, Bi-pod, sling and bullet holder. 

Having a firearm that you can shoot accurately is very important and by adding a suppressor it can change how that firearm shoots and hopefully it will shoot better for you. Yes it can add a little bit extra to the length and a little extra weight but it's worth it if now you are shooting more accurately.

Some people will get a thing called a muzzle brake put on the end of the barrel to reduce recoil and they certainly do,  however they do increase the volume of noise as the muzzle brake diverts the gases back towards you. Generally muzzle brakes are put on large caliber firearms as they do reduce a lot of recoil. But the noise they give off means shooting the firearm you must wear hearing protection. And if you miss your shot at that animal they most certainly will hear the shot and peg it, highly unlikely you'll get another shot.

Front end of a muzzle brake, reduces recoil but makes shooting very loud. 

A lot of shooters use Bi-pods, they add a little more weight to your firearm but offer a good stable rest. Again like most things you can buy cheap ones or more expensive ones. A Bi-pod does give you a really stable shooting option for good accurate shot placement and especially over longer distances. Are they really necessary for a new hunter ? probably not, I have had them and used them but now tend to just use my pack or any handy rock or tussock for a good stable shooting rest.

A modern hunting rifle, The T3x, threaded for a suppressor with Bi-pod. 

Scope covers can be useful. The idea is they protect both front and back lens's from getting scratched and keep them dry in wet weather. Sometimes hunting when its wet the scope will get so wet you can't see through it so having scope covers can be very handy. You're out hunting, it's raining, you see a deer but can't see through your scope. Conversely, you're out hunting, it's raining, you see a deer, flip open your scope covers, perfectly clean dry lenses. Take the shot. You can also go cheap and just use a piece of old car tyre tube stretched over the scope, one for protection and two you can use it in an emergency as a fire starter, rubber burns well. 


A cheap scope cover and fire starter if need be. 

A rifle sling is one of those items that you won't know now useful they are until you need both hands to either help in going up or coming down. Some people don't use them but for me I'd rather have one that not. If you were worried about extra weight, a sling might only an extra 150 grams, not really a big noticeable amount. In my opinion I think they are well worth having on your rifle.

Some rifles are only single shot and some only hold three rounds in the magazine so having a few extra bullets at hand can be very handy. A bullet holder like my awesome wife makes, ( Sew Cromwell ) are ideal, holding an extra 5 or 6 bullets in a handy holder on your rifle stock. Either left or right handed with a flap that prevents any falling out.

My single shot rifle with bullet holder works perfectly and I've never lost a bullet. 

A soft covered gun bag is excellent for transporting and protecting your firearm but remember, here in New Zealand that gun bag must be lockable so buy one that a small padlock can be attached, perhaps to the zippers to lock the firearm in the bag. ( yeah it only takes a knife to cut open the bag and whoever's got your gun, but the bag must be lockable for transportation). You might even buy a good hard cover transportation bag. Again it needs to be lockable. You might also buy a trigger lock for transportation. 

A hard and soft gun bags. Make sure they are lockable. 

Choosing other items to attach to your firearm, some are well worth while, other items not necessarily needed at this stage in your hunting career. Other items are needed like cleaning kit and gun bags etc. Ideally, keep it simple for now and as you progress you will find and upgrade here or replace this for that. Just keep it simple.