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Fitness for hiking tramping or hunting


I know for alot of people, especially those new to getting into the outdoors the idea can be a little daunting. If you have had little experience or perhaps you would like to but where do you start?
Well this is where Out There Southern Adventures can help you.
You might have a 'want' to get out and go camping, hiking, mountain climbing or hunting. But you lack the experience, skills, knowledge, confidence or just don't have gear to do it. Maybe you just need that someone to help take you under their wing and start that process.
I go on a lot of different hikes or hunts and for me, I've been doing this for years so take these trips as just 'something I do' it's no big deal and whatever I have planned it just happens.

By doing some training you to can get into these areas.

Well with a bit of planning you too can do these sort of trips.
Like I'm always saying ' the more you do the better you get' and that goes with everything. Just a simple thing of increasing your fitness level so that when you do that trip and have to walk 6km into the hut for that overnight trip you will find it way easier than having done no fitness training.
Getting walking fit doesn't have to be that hard. In fact it's pretty simple, just start going for a walk maybe after work, after dinner. Could be just a few km's around your neighbourhood. Do it as often as you can and for the first few weeks just walk that same route. Then add another few blocks on increasing the distance from say 2km's to 3km's and again just continue to do this walk as often as you can. You might want to start carrying your pack. Put a few water bottles in it, not much just say 3x1L bottles of water and continue.

The 45th Parallel track, 420 steps straight up, great training.

By increasing your fitness the upcoming walk with you carrying your pack and gear will be that much easier as opposed to a real struggle and that might just put you off doing what you set out to do. Having increased your fitness you will lose weight and feel better about yourself, become motivated to go on other trips, go further and have a better positive attitude. It's a win win. And that's just by increasing your fitness by going walking.
I am by no means really fit. I consider myself to have a reasonable fitness level. It's about getting up off the couch, putting your walking shoes on and getting 'Out There'. I might go for a walk for 30min to an hour 3 times a week and then I might go for a longer walk or hunt on the weekend.

Whether hunting, tramping or hiking with abit of training you'd be surprised where you can get. 

The key here is getting a base fitness level and maintaining it.
So let's say you've decided to get fit as the first step in your goal of getting into New Zealand's back country. You can enjoy those spectacular views that you've seen advertised and to where you want to go. You know what? you have to start somewhere and getting fit is that first step. Take the bull by the horns and get motivated. Have a goal to get walking fit and say I'm going to walk into, Let's say, the Routeburn flats hut and stay the night. Pick a weekend, could be three or four months away, circle on the calendar and go for it!

Start training.