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Out There Southern Adventures, How did it start and what does it offer?

When I resigned from my last employer, I was unsure as to what I was going to do. I wanted to do something I liked and could get paid to do that. All my friends said 'you should become a guide'. And so the wheels started turning

Out There Southern Adventures (OTSA) was formed and I started to get into getting the company up and running. As Steve Erwin would have said 'Crickey'  It was a long and painful process. Although I have experience doing alot of different things and have certification in running courses and teaching. Being able to prove you can do what you say you can do to the ones that issue you your concessions was a long road.
While all this was in the process I became a contract guide with a local guiding company and this helped pay the bills. It gave me good insight into things I could also do but also gave me valuable training and knowledge and three years experience.

My business logo.

As I mentioned earlier I became a professional hunting guide and the concession my business has allows me to take clients on conservation land to hunt. Yes it cost me a bit but to be able to legally take clients out hunting was the key.

Half way through the process of applying for my guided walking business concessions I was told in order to gain the concessions I would have to get externally audited so I opted to use Qual Mark. Qual Mark would have to write a report to say that the activities I am taking clients out on are being run safely and that what I say I can do, I can actually do. And They did thank goodness.
And eventually after a very long time the concessions I applied for were approved and I have them for the next ten years.

OTSA concession card.

When I started OTSA my plan was simple, just take people out, either singles, couples or small groups and do stuff that I enjoy and I do it with them. I go to some awesome places, see spectacular views, go to places few get to go to and whether I'm hunting, fishing, going for an off the trail hike, diving or just going into places exploring. Whatever it is I'm pretty sure you'd like it too. It's an adventure.

 The places I go, could be a farm tour, a Stewart Island adventure, 4WD trip, overnight guided tour and camp out. It could be an extended hike ranging from a couple of days to four or five days. It might be a back country adventure, a photographic tour, hunting, fishing, hiking, camping trip. Whatever you want. I'm picking people up taking them to Mt Cook or Milford sound in my vehicle because not everyone wants to go in a bus with 40 others.

OTSA's 6 seater on a West coast adventure.

I've also started picking people up (Max of 4) to do the Cromwell to Clyde cycle trail. It gives people the flexibility to do it when they want and get picked up when they want.

OTSA has brought new tents, sleeping mats, sleeping bags and liners, cookers, eating gear, headlights, water bottles, drinking cups so that if you come here and would like to do a trip away but have no gear, well you can. You just need some boots and clothes. I'll organise food and drink also. It could just be an overnight trip or a helicopter in few days adventure.

 OTSA's gear for hire or use free when out on paid adventure.

Out There Southern Adventures is about taking people out and showing them our amazing back country. It could be just you need some help and advice or some confidence to get 'Out There' and do it yourself. Contact me, just ask.