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Advanced Trips

Fitness Is Your Friend

These trips are suited to people with an advanced level of fitness. Our experience will help you navigate the great outdoors so while fitness is important, you do not require an advanced level of experience in the high country.

So if the gym is your usual playground, get in touch with us and we will help design you an adventure you will never forget. To get a quote and check availability click here to get started.

Wye Creek Track

Alpine track (summer only), full day, tough day, but a bloody great day. You will need good footwear, and be prepared to put in the hard work. This is a 6 to 8 hour day, lunch on the side of the mountains, and if you want to camp overnight that is a possibility too. Depart 8am drive up to remarkable ski area drop off, from there, walk over Alta saddle and walk down Wye creek, track is a game route, good knees needed.

Cascade Saddle and Matuktuki Valley

We have the gear you need to head out into the wilderness and explore the great outdoors. Hours of sunlight, and time to explore and enjoy, see scenery you will never forget. This is an advanced trip and one you will remember for the rest of your life.

Earnslaw Burn Track

Are you fit? Like really fit? Are you looking for an experience that pushes you to your limits and pays off in spades? This is an adventure for a group or individuals who know what they are up to in terms of fitness levels. HOWEVER, You do not need to know how to navigate the backcountry. You can be a novice out there in terms of outdoor experience, and Out There Southern Adventures will make sure your trip goes off without a hitch.

Ben Lomond Track

It is worth the effort but you do need to be fit. The views are incredible, and if you have a good general level of fitness the terrain is manageable and when you're up there the outlook is like nothing else. You can see mountains and lakes and across multiple ridge lines. Leave the office behind and get out there amount the Otago high country, while enjoying picnic lunch and refreshments along the way.

Heli Hike Options (Dart & Rees)

Want to see it all but have limited time, or need to make sure your energy is spent wisely and would like a Heli eye view of the way into some of New Zealands most rugged landscape. This Heli-Jet package gets you into Fiordland national park to the Hollyford Valley. Heli, hike and experience a guided walk out the Rees or the Dart, or if you prefer a jetboat ride out the Dart River. The Ultimate overnight experience.

Other Trips Available on Request

If you have somewhere in mind, get in touch and we will let you know if its something we can guide you on, as well as provide suggestions to suit your trip objectives.